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Get QuickTime 4.1

(Note - Quicktime (4.1+) is the only replay available here! Make sure you have Quicktime 4.1 before you try this ... if you have any problems with this, you might like to just checkout the Replay as a QuickTime Video Only).

MacOS InternetExplorer 4+ users please use QuickTime link due to browser limitations.


Windows 95/98/NT users

If you want to try the QuickTime version then please read some of the notes in MacOS section, although it will work fine on either Netscape 4+ or IE 4+.

Windows 2000

We have not had an opportunity to test on this version of the system, however we would expect the recommendations for Windows 95/98/NT to apply.


We strongly recommend using QuickTime and Netscape. We have being testing using Netscape 4.72 and QuickTime 4.1, on MacOS 8.6 and MacOS 9.0. Please make sure that the QuickTime 'Connection Speed' (see Control Panels) is set correctly.

If you have streaming problems then try setting the Streaming Transport to HTTP, or check with your IT support about any firewall issues.